Annual Report of Corporate Governance 2017

Corporate Governance 2017 Encevo S.A. 24 Encevo S,A. 4 Enovos Luxembourg S.A. 16 Creos Luxembourg S.A .20 25 Executive Management In accordance with Article 19.3 of the articles of association, the daily management is delegated to one or several Executive Director(s), while the Chairman of the Board is appointed Executive Director. Chairman Mr Mario GROTZ and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Claude SEYWERT were appointed Executive Directors. The Executive Directors are supported by the Creos Management Committee (CMC), composed of the CEO and 6 senior executive Heads of Department of Creos Luxembourg S.A. The CMC meets on a weekly basis to coordinate the daily management of the company and exchange relevant internal information. Biographical Note on Mr Mario GROTZ, Chairman and Executive Director of Creos Luxembourg S.A.: MMario GROTZ was born on October 5th, 1969 in Luxembourg. He holds a master degree in Economics with a special emphasis on Applied Statistics (Université de Liège). In 2001, he joined the Ministry of Economy where his main focus was on the evaluation of R&D projects or programs implemented by the private sector. From 2009-2012, he was appointed Head of Directorate for Infrastructures and Technology. He has been the Director General for Research, Intellectual Property and New Technologies since 2012. He is responsible in particular for the development of the technology based sectors in Luxembourg, meaning the cleantech sector, the biotech sector and the ICT sector (including the space sector). In addition to his main task, he represents the State of Luxembourg in different boards of private companies. In 2012, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Creos Luxembourg S.A. Mario GROTZ can be contacted at . Biographical Note on Mr Claude SEYWERT: see page 11 under “Executive Board” Publication Team Corporate Communcation, Encevo S.A. Design and artwork: Pascal Quassaert, Corporate Communcation Encevo S.A. Photos: Adobe Stock Printers: Imprimerie Reka Logos FSC + myclimate